Creation of a new style and the brand book of the company.

Development of design media (printing, advertising, website design).

Development of an online store.

Integration of the site, 1C, delivery and payment systems.


  • Designed brandbook corresponding to the level of official Apple retailer.

  • The system of faceted site navigation was developed according to user demands for the online store.

  • The catalog is equipped with sorting options, filters, large illustrations.

  • A product card with various payment options, a detailed description, information on the availability of goods.

  • 2 cart formats - a pop-up window with brief information about the order and a separate page.


  • Over 75% of orders are made online.

  • The number of orders in the first half of the year of the site performance has increased 2.5 times.

  • 25% of customers have made a repeat order in six months.

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