The main objective was to create a modern eCommerce website and to maximally simplify the huge catalog of goods.

The second objective was to create a convenient and logical system of filtrations to find any product in just 2 clicks.

Many products, especially promotional, were represented as huge lists and it was difficult to find the required information in them.

The plain old website design did not correspond to the idea of an online store for a serious wholesale and retail company. It was absolutely not worked out in terms of usability: navigation through the website and the product catalog was extremely complicated, there was no product filtering.


  • A site that responds to all modern requirements, which is intuitive and convenient for any user.

  • Categories and navigations were completely changed and therefore a huge list of positions does not look so complicated and it is not difficult to find there something that is needed.

  • We have implemented a convenient system of filtration, due to that it is not necessary to overload the website with separate pages for new products, sales, bestsellers, and products from other countries.


  • We have developed the page with the list, as well as the alphabetical index of all brands presented and functions to explore brands and investigate products of each brand.

  • Each product or commodity group is now accessible in just 2-3 clicks, navigation is simplified and revised, and each member of the control group could find any information about the company and goods just in a few seconds. Due to that any user can find products and become the member of the site even without any prior experience that creates great perspectives for the retail business of the company.

  • To assist sales on the main page we have created modules of current actions as well as special sliders of sales, new products, and bestsellers. The personal cabinet has also gone through some changes: to simplify the usage of the website the history of orders, rapid buttons for the order’s repeating and instant formation of a ready-made invoice for payment of the order being placed has been created.

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