To work out a project idea for using the content of the magazine’s editorial board.

To develop a concept for publication of user-generated content on the website.

To develop a technological platform of the portal.

To develop visual style and design.


  • The research has been held, based on data from the research the concept of the portal has been developed.

  • Calm but contrast design with usage of simple geometric forms and other architectural associations reflects the idea of the project.

  • The layouts for more than 20 key pages have been made: articles, page of an architect, discussions, project gallery and others.

  • The functionality of registration and personal cabinet, portfolio placement, publications, to add information about organizations and events has been implemented.


  • More than 100 registrations of companies and specialists were made in the first month of the portal’s work.

  • Several large advertisers were attracted.

  • The average website traffic is 1,500 people six months after launch.

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