To develop new information architecture for the site to increase online sales

To create a new emotional concept of the website to attract different users

To migrate the content (more than 100 000 unique pages indexed in search engines) with a minimum drawdown


  • We chose CMS 1C-Bitrix as a platform to manage static content and wrote for it a module for searching tours. The module is integrated with reservation system Natechnia. This system displays information on offers for a client: tours, travel tickets, etc.

  • We implemented big data tools to analyze users’ behavior. It allowed to form special offers on products and tours for every user in no time basing on the platform’s knowledge about this user

  • We placed information about more than 10 000 hotels to the base. Not all of them had good content, but we could implement and use machine learning to form hotel cards with actual information in no time. By that we’ve improved the quality of the website content for search engines and reduced copywriting costs for the company

  • We simplified and logically changed the whole process of reservation online and added several features: automatic filling in of user passport data (if the user bought a tour at least once); notification if a passport expires soon; online visa application; registration of different types of insurance; individual transfer and others

  • We made 3 options of tour payment, including 30% prepayment

  • We completely changed a client personal account; now a user has an opportunity to track reservation status. Also we added an option of automatic notification to a client via sms about changes of information regarding a tour

  • We added fast connection functionality and completely changed the section for agents


  • We have developed and implemented new modules: tours selection in real time; «smart» offers based on data about users behavior

  • We have reduced the average time users spend to search for suitable offers

  • Processes of online reservation and repeated orders were optimized

Client review:

Competition in the travel market always has been very intense, more and more clients search and compare tour operators that’s why modern, comfortable and functional site is one of the key success factors. We were recommended with Redsoft company so we turned to them with the task of official website redesign and development. We thank colleagues: they showed professionalism while solving problems, both standard and non-trivial.
Many new ideas and functions were executed, everything was being done according to deadlines and with very qualified project manager’s work. We recommend Redsoft team to everybody who needs new or to develop existing sites and services.

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