Assab is a major supplier of building materials. The company is focused on the full cycle of supply
of large projects and tenders, but significant profit and from small
wholesale (repair of apartments, construction of small forms by the buyers or teams).

To make a new version of the site, with one side able to compete with the popular shops of building materials, but on the other hand supports the functionality of applications for support of projects. A secondary objective was to make managers life easear and to increase the number of wholesale orders.



We held several meetings with the customer and received information about the structure of the business, site visitors typical objectives and problems. After that, we developed a new information structure.

When the achitecture was ready, we have designed fifteen key pages.
For solving the main problem and simplify the processing of small orders was built a new version of the website tailored to the needs of small orders. We have Shifted the emphasis from the corporate side of the site to the functionality of the online store, redid the page presentation of the goods at full selling cards.

Now in the directory there are three General options: product category, manufacturer and area of application. Category specifies the possible values the other two parameters. Each combination of parameters we assigned human readable URL, unique description and title. So initially, the common catalogue page got SEO sense.

This decision is important for building store: almost all traffic consists of specific search queries, and these three parameters allow a meaningful way to promote the site on requests of the type “insulation for roofs” and “mixtures Knauf” at the same time.


Communication with large companies is traditionally carried out by phone, and it suits the company: complex tasks of large projects more effective in dealing with the client. So in the header we put the link “Send order” and designed a form to start a dialogue with a major client.


The design made minimal, with no surprises. We have also added photos to the names of the categories to make them easier to identify.


The site developed on 1C-Bitrix, but particularly frequent task of content management (add / edit products, changing catalog pages descriptions) we made available at the frontend - after login with edit rights, of course. The page to create a new product is also designed in such a way that the store manager doesn’t face any CMS errors during daily work.


Project Management – Alexey Shishkin
Planning and design:Michail Morozov, Christina Tatsenko
Technology: Dmitry Smirnov, Artem Tereshkov