Stolichki is the russian social network pharmacies. The main task was to create a convenient and intuitive site for pharmacy network. We had to make e-commerce service in the way it will be clear and easy to any person of any age.

The old site of Stolichki was mostly presented in long lists and made it impossible to find anything without viewing the vast amount of information. A catalog of the goods had no filter and only had a pager. These impair the conversion of the site and significantly reduce the amount of purchases in the online store.



The new site of Stolichki retained corporate and basic colors, picked fonts that are used in combination with graphic elements reminiscent of the Soviet Union. But we have added more white elements to improve the perception of the information. Also we added the grey navigation bar to make navigation and search easier. On the main page we have placed a menu with reworked product list, a list of recent promotional offers, trends, news, and a map to quickly find the nearest pharmacy.

Catalog is now available on all pages so the site visitor can always go back to the interesting list just in 1 click.

Site search helps you quickly find the right products and the letter index further simplifies this task.

The site has become more convenient and understandable. All the information about products, pharmacies, ordering rare drugs, news and job openings at your fingertips, but despite the large number of different links, the site does not seem overburdened, vice versa it’s presented a wealth of information in the simplest and affordable way.


Project Management – Alexey Shishkin
Project Manager – Ivan Morev
Planning and design: Lisa Votokina
Technology: Dmitry Smirnov, Artem Tereshkov

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