Nitto Tire is Japanese manufacturer of unique off-road, passenger and sport cars’ tires.
Our goal was to create a website that would be fully committed to uniqueness, prestige and quality of the brand.
A separate objective was bright and stylish presentation of the product catalog, because the tires are goods that are not easy to make someone wish to buy its immediatly.

Nitto Tire

We create the gray-black site with bright red accent colors. We have ensured that the site looks sporty and stylish just because of color scheme.
Product catalog we have presented in the form of a photo lists, so users can get acquainted with several models, see the key differences and remember the brand.
The images were also stylized - they are contrast and bright and metal elements made more expensive appearance.
Nitto Tire
  • The site is fully adaptive and adjusts to any screen;
  • Changing items in the catalog can not be reduced to the banal transition between pages, it’s animated and new tires rolled on the screen;
  • Easy filtering by type of tires in the directory;
  • The ability to fine selection of tires with wide variety of criteria;
  • Each individual product pages using background photo shows the for which conditions product it is best suited;
  • Stylized icons on the product pages reveal the main advantages of the product;
  • Possibility to find the most appropriate dealer in Russia.

Project Management: Alexey Shishkin, Artem Pankov
Planning and design: Mikhail Morozov, Christina Tatsenko
Technology: Dmitry Smirnov, Artem Tereshkov

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