Neofarm is a huge dynamic pharmacy chain, which manages over 270 sales points. Our task was to create the brand new site that would make it possible to purchase and reserve drugs at any network sales point through the site. The site is adapted to potential high loads because the daily number of customers passing through the Neofarm sales points is more than 30 thousand people, and the number of trade offers of network exceeds 700 thousand SKU.


Analysis of the target audience
Analysis of the target audience
Since one of the main goals was to simplify the interface, the first thing we have formalized the target audience and made basic user scenarios.
Structure and functionality
Structure and functionality
The flowchart site structure was created based on the user scenarios. The catalog has a focus not on a call to action - "Buy" but on the low prices.
We developed interactive prototypes of all pages of the key scenarios. With their help we checked the effectiveness of site structure and ensured that the navigation is simple.

We created the modern online store at 1C-Bitrix with a minimalist design that focuses the user's attention on the products and especially at low prices. Any user can see prices in their "own" pharmacy store and can easily reserve products there. The information about pricing and product availability in each outlet is synchronized every minute, so the site displays accurate information about all the products in the trading network.

Through developing process we faced a problem of synchronization residues and prices associated with the volume of goods according to the data recording capability to exceed MySQL, which runs 1C-Bitrix, resulting in a critical delay of synchronization. Therefore, we have developed a NoSQL solution for storing data on trade proposals. This has reduced the product offerings synchronization time, balances and prices in the hundreds of times, and now the data in whole catalog updated in just 3-5 minutes.

Site features
  • Reliable information about the prices and availability of products;
  • Extensive catalog, convenient division of goods into the categories;
  • "Smart" filtering products in categories within the parameters of a particular category;
  • A complete list of pharmacies with filtering by the type of retail outlet and departments;
  • Search the nearest pharmacy and a choice of "favourite" pharmacy via Yandex geoIP solutions;
  • Site synchronization with an internal rests storage system, a simple update the description and image of the item;
  • Integration with ERP system for Call-center operators;
  • Simplified interface operation with orders for employees of retail outlets;
  • Simplified interface with editing product for Neofarm employees.

Project Management – Ivan Morev
Planning and design – Lisa Votokina
Technology: Artem Tereshkov, Dmitry Smirnov, Nikita Lushpanov

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