Our task was to create a qualitative website that allows you to get all info about GlowSubs cafe network: to see the products, addresses, discounts, actions and promotions. It was important to make people wants to taste the production not only receive full information. It was necessary to present information systematically, to add quality and delicious pictures.


Website not only performs all the tasks, it is convenient for users, thanks to the elaboration of usability and focus-group tests.On the main page the information is supplied in sequence, starting from the current promotional offers and ending addresses. In the menu bar, we left only the most basic sections that minimized the time of site search. The color palette continues the company's corporate identity and quality matched fonts attract attention wherever it is needed.
The page of caloric information is presented in the infographic, which is also made in the company's brand colors.
The whole site is very "tasty" and easy to use. It has become an integral part of the image of the company and is doing everything possible so that every visitor is sure to want to visit GlowSubs.

Project Management – Alexey Shishkin
Planning and design: Lisa Votokina
Technology: Dmitry Smirnov, Artem Tereshkov

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