To create a new version of the online store on the website dezlist.ru/shop. To make easy to navigate and design the store so that everyone could understand, what product he needs and why it is good. The business owner saw the entry “normal” consumers as the most promising direction of development of the store.


Site Design

Based on the data Yandex.The metrics we analyzed the audience of the site and its typical behavior. Consulted with experts at the customer and gathered the main expectations from the new store.

After that, we started to design. We created new layouts for all pages of store. Now, the main page advertises popular products and brands, and it has a form for newsletter store and links to expert advice on popular queries. We added to the item card links to information about him in the encyclopedia site so that specialists can quickly find all the details.

Ordering of product was simple: the little fields, registration with no additional effort, all fields on one page.

We also added the bottom panel with the most important information about ordering and links to key features of the store. Was made important progress in integrating with the rest of the website: when the user navigates to a page outside of the store panel remains, but there is a new “return to shop” button. After clicking it the visitor returns to the page in store. Therefore, visitors retain the purpose for which they come to the shop, and additional content of the website does not distract them.

Now the shop is open on the platform Spree. It supports all the e-Commerce business processes and allows you to conveniently organize not only work with commodities, stocks and delivery options, and maintain relationships with clients (integrated CRM).

Project Management – Alexey Shishkin, Artem Pankov
Planning and design: Mikhail Morozov, Christina Tatsenko
Technology: Dmitry Smirnov, Artem Tereshkov