Bezant Trading Company - the largest supplier of household goods and utensils all over Russia. The main task was to create a modern online store, to simplify a huge catalog. The second task was to create a convenient and logical filter so that any product can be found just with a couple of clicks.


Old site

Plain The old design of the site was plain and didn’t conform to the image of the major online store wholesale and retail company. It absolutely was not worked out in terms of usability: site navigation and catalog products was very complicated, there was no filtration of the products. A lot of goods, and, in particular, promotional, were presented with huge lists and it was difficult to find the necessary information.


The new site meets all the requirements of modern, intuitive and easy to use site for any user. Categories and navigation completely redesigned and structured, so that a long list of names of types of goods does not seem so difficult. There is no more difficulty in find exactly what you need. In addition, we have worked, and implemented a convenient filtering system, due to which it was not necessary to overload the site with separate pages for new products, sales, best-sellers, as well as products from different countries.
Additional Functionality
In addition, for fans of a particular brand, we developed a list page, as well as an alphabetical index of all the brands. There is a possibility to find the brand and view goods of each brand separately.
Any product or product group became available in just 2-3 clicks, navigation is simplified and revised, and each member of the control group could find any information about company and products in seconds. Thanks to this, anyone, even a novice and inexperienced user will be able to find products and become a client. It creates great prospects for the retail trade direction of the company.
Interactive elements
Sales promotion is one of the main functions of the “right” eCommerce-site. In order to promote sales on the home page we have created modules of current actions, as well as special sliders of sales, new products and best sellers.
Familiar to anyone cabinet is also not stayed without modifications. We created the user order history to simplify the using of the site, fast orders repeat button and instant billing documents to pay out orders.

Project Management – Alexey Shishkin, Artem Pankov
Planning and design: Mikhail Morozov, Christina Tatsenko
Technology: Dmitry Smirnov, Artem Tereshkov

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