enCompany Aquarius is the russian largest developer of servers and PCs,
which supplies equipment to large companies and goverment organizations

The task was to develop a new version of the corporate website to facilitate sales through the dealers network and upgrade the company's reputation with modern responsive design.


Problems and Solutions
Old site’s problems:
Problems identified in the research of the old site: obscure company’s positioning (giving the impression of a small software company), an archaic site’s design, and the most important, an intricate structure of the site. During the development process, we have found another important business inquiry: product managers have to get an easy way to create and edit their ideas, and descriptions of the products produced by the company.
It was decides to make website like a catalog of services, products and integrated solutions, developed on 1C-Bitrix. The site is edited by a group of responsible managers through a specially designed front-end interface with simple and convenient operation. All site objects can be associated, for example, in the item card can be found linked services and solutions based on it, the mention of the goods on the news or articles.

Project Management – Alexey Shishkin
Planning and design: Svetlana Shelaeva, Ivan Levin
Technology: Dmitry Smirnov, Artem Tereshkov, Valery Anisimova

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