CRM Bitrix24 Implementation

Implementation of a corporate customer relationship management system

The main goals of implementation

CRM allows you to customize the effective work of employees and track its quality characteristics (KPI) in all areas of the company.

  • Sales management
  • Employee management
  • Task management

Redsoft's own solutions for Bitrix24

  • A system for collecting reports on the time spent on tasks, taking into account all participants in the task, as well as the employee's working time per day.

  • Automatic mailer of interim reports to the client once a week.

  • Telegram bot for setting tasks (tasks are set in a simple form in the project chat - they are automatically sent to the one mentioned in the task.

  • Task statuses for Bitrix24 (waiting for execution / in work / completed / stopped, etc.)

  • Setting a task from a letter from certain clients to a given project to a specific employee.

  • Integration with Elba Kontur - invoicing for tasks performed in Bitrix24.


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