Web/mobile personal account system for financial assets management

A1 Platform

Web/mobile personal account system for financial assets management

Easily and quickly draws up financial products both in the offices of affiliate networks and directly to their customers online - without visiting offices, managers and signing papers.

The system solves key problems
in sales support:

qr код проблемы в продажах
  • Long cycle for the deal

    (up to 2 business days)
  • Low sales-manager’s involvement

  • A lot of paperwork in the office

    (1-2 hours)
  • Paper workflow between an agent and a company

It leads
to negative

  • Low conversion

  • The high cost of sales

  • Complex and exhausting calculation of the deal’s value

A1 Platform structure

The platform consists of personal accounts for managers
and for clients, a mobile application, a website, and CRM. All systems are integrated with your company's IT system together as well as separately.

The integration system significantly simplifies and speeds up drawing up of deals, moreover, the result will be instantly reflected in the interface of each platform module.

Capabilities of agent personal account

All functionality is available both on computers and mobile devices - it means that a manager can work with a tablet in the operational office.

  • Customer data are entered through passport scanning, manually of be usage or external services. The system implies verification of data through state information systems

  • Selection of products on the showcase by parameters or with a step-by-step questionnaire, with assignment of a risk profile

  • Draw up an application for purchase

  • A detailed description of the product, its statistics and tips - the reasons for the purchase

  • Sign an application by electronic signature via SMS

  • Draw up documents for payment

  • Reception of applications from clients

  • Connect to a sales consultant from your company online

  • View a complete or limited dataset for an individual client

  • View sales statistics from different sides: manager / place of sale / agent

  • List of products

    Agent personal account shows offers as a comfortable list. Agent can pick up a convenient product for a client according to different criteria. It makes a selection of offers easy and transparent.

    Список продуктов
  • Dynamics

    Agent personal account can build charts on product dynamics on different criteria. This is a visual tool for analysis and evaluation of products in terms of preservation and increase of customers’ investments.

  • Customer search

    Agent personal account has a convenient search of clients by name, date of birth, passport data and other criteria. It allows to quickly find information about the client, a contract and client’s activity.

    Поиск клиентов
  • Portfolio

    Agent personal cabinet fixates which financial products a client bought and how active in operations the client is. With management tools the agent can help a client to do any actions with assets.


Convenient registration of the deal by the manager

The procedure of sales through the manager’s personal account is simple and quick

  • The manager scans the client passport, uploads the scan to the system

  • The system automatically recognizes passport data, fills in personal data of the client and checks through state information systems

  • The manager selects products on the showcase, offers them to the client

  • The manager draws up a purchase request

  • The client can sign it by electronic signature via SMS or on a paper application

  • Automatically, the client gets access to the personal account (in web and mobile applications)

  • The client pays for the application at the box office

Capabilities of client personal account

Client can register by uploading a passport scan, through public service portals, or simply entering his passport data. The platform then verifies the correctness of user data through external resources and registers the client. As a backup option, registration via courier is available.

After the registration a client is capable of:
  • Pick up any product on the showcase

  • Explore its description and statistics in detail

  • Make an application for registration of the PIA or STM

  • Sign it with an electronic signature via SMS

  • Pay in a convenient way

  • Keep track of the portfolio’s dynamics

  • Apply for the purchase share of stocks

  • All this functionality is available both on a computer and in applications on mobile devices.

The advantages of mobile applications are obvious - statistics show that the frequency of use of mobile interfaces is growing every year, and with the right communication strategy, mobile devices can become an additional sales channel.

Order through the client personal account

All the client needs is a passport or confirmed registration on public services portals

  • The client scans the passport, uploads the scan to the system or logs in through public services portals

  • The system automatically recognizes passport data, fills in personal data of the client and checks through state information systems.

  • The client selects products on the showcase

  • The client draws up a purchase request

  • The client signs it with an electronic signature via SMS

  • The client pays for the application in a convenient way

Technological stack

The platform is built on a microservice architecture that’s why it provides a high speed of changes in functionality. The use of this solution can reduce time2market to 1-2 weeks

Information exchange scheme

Modules of the platform

Agent personal account
Client personal account
Mobile application
  • Registration of an application through an agent’s manager
  • Payment online or through the cashier
  • Statistics of operations by manager, department or agent
  • Registration of an application online
  • Payment online or by details
  • Remote authentication via external resources
  • Convenient product showcase with the possibility to choose products with certain parameters
  • Product cards with graphs and detailed descriptions
  • Compulsory materials storage system for regulatory compliance and integrity control
  • Full features of the client’s personal account
  • Native applications for IOS and Android
  • Identification in the application via TouchID/FaceID

Results of implementation

  • The conversion to sales from the online channel grew 2.3 times on the same traffic

  • Client registration time in the office was reduced from an hour to 5 minutes

  • The time2market change rate reduced from 2-3 months to a week

  • Previously, it was not possible to know how much one client costs for a company


Today we can calculate the cost of customer acquisition and evaluate how changes in the system affect this indicator

Acting CEO of Uralsib management companyAnatoliy Kalenskiy

Terms and conditions of implementation

In 3 months we can
implement a system
in affiliate network
During this period we will estimate the increase in sales for the control group of offices where the system will be implemented

We suggest several
options for cooperation:

  • License sale

  • License rent

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